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Featured Wedding: David + Rex

^ A nosegay placed on a reserved seat in honor and memory of Rex’s mother who passed away two years ago. She was the first person David told that he wanted to be with Rex for the rest of their lives.

^ White mini calla lily boutonniere with lily grass accents.

^ David giving the corsage to his mother. She lost her sight 3 years ago and she is feeling the flower to “see” it. You don’t have to see to enjoy flowers! (She used to be a florist, as well as a teacher.)

Photos by Robert Curtis Photography –
Flowers by Nature’s Petal –

Abundant words of praise posted by David on our Yelp page:

Just as Yelp says for 5 stars: Woohoo! As good as it gets with Nature’s Petal!

What more can I say than Nature’s Petal and Juil Kim were the absolute BEST from beginning to end! Seriously, if there was ANYthing I could think of where there was room for improvement, I would mention it. But, there just isn’t.

One of the best experiences of the entire wedding planning process (which was total do-it-yourself) was working with Nature’s Petal. Here’s why:
#1) VERY responsive in planning! We’re a gay couple. I NEVER thought I’d get married. So, I wasn’t prepared for any of this, nor had any past experience from friend’s weddings. When I reached out to Juil via email (based on other glowing reviews, and I really liked their style in other photos), he quickly replied. He gave clear, concise answers. He was enthusiastic (even though it wasn’t going to be a huge gig for them). He was an excellent consultant — guiding me in some smart decisions, especially since I don’t know much about flowers, but had an opinion on what the “feel” of it was to be. Simple. Elegant.
#2) The beautiful product! I was needing 4 boutonnieres, 2 “mother’s” corsages, and a small nosegay — all in the same style, and hoping for mini mini-calla lilies, but with some simple yet elegant “greens” added to it. Juil advised, recommended, and basically read my mind on exactly what we were hoping for. Stunningly simple, yet absolutely beautiful — which is a difficult thing to achieve for any designer.
#3) The value. It was a simple wedding and the price was very reasonable… especially for the quality and the amazing personal service.
#4) The delivery. They made sure we had nothing to worry about, and everything was delivered no muss/no fuss to Manhattan for our Central Park wedding. Quick and efficient, and no worries from me on the wedding day.

I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Nature’s Petal for any of your occasions that require service, expertise, and beautiful design in flowers.
Thank you!

Featured Wedding: Jason + Eric

Jason + Eric were one of the lucky few to wed in the first hours of legal same-sex marriage on Sunday, July 24. Juil was honored to be a part of this historic and special day for the couple. Thank you Henry for documenting the joyful day with your spectacular photos.

Venue: Manhattan City Clerk Office
Photography by Henry Leung –
Flowers by Nature’s Petal – – 646-704-0001